Enjoying the little things

Day 2.
I woke up groggy and ready to go. Hercules is the best alarm clock. Some mornings when I don’t have much to get up for, he reminds me he doesn’t have disposable thumbs and I would hate to have to pee and have to rely on my lazy owner lol.
I realized to be happy you have to enjoy the little things in life. Today it was a delicious apple for breakfast. It was red and juicy and the epitome of what an apple should be. Then it’s my dog nuzzling his head under my legs to nap.
Now I think I’m gonna enjoy some home made waffles and laugh until I cry while watching Kevin Hart.
Sorry for the boring post. Maybe I’ll update it later with something humorous.



Another new beginning

Hello hello!

I’ve started yet another blogg. What can I say? A girl can only gab to her dogs and her beau for so long before she wants to venture to the cyber world.
I guess I shall start with a summary of who I am and life as I know it. Well, my name is Hannah Jane DeHaven. I’ve seen twenty years, I’m mother to a 2 year old pitbull bulldog and sister to a 12 year old pitbull boxer. I live in a small addition added to my parents home, with my own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom galore to design and be festive with. My beau Mike lives with me (part time now) and I’m attempting to get my license for Insurance.
My life is seemingly boring unless you enjoy pintrest ideas in real life and humorous insults. My life makes me smile and God always lurks in my mind.
Stay awhile and we just might be friends.